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PODCAST: Story Screen Reports - More Strike Talk and Goodbye, Mario

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Story Screen Reports is our team REACTING to the top 5 film, television and entertainment news stories of the month. Join us as we dissect and comb through everything from upcoming releases to studio drama.

On this episode, Tim Irwin joins Robby to chat about more updates on the Writers and Actors Strikes, the voice of Mario saying his final Wa-hoo, and everybody's favorite sweet, sweet boy saying some very sweet, sweet things about his Dune franchise. You can find those stories, and the sourced articles, linked below. Eat the rich.

Written by Jazz Tangcay at Variety

Written by Jeremy Fuster at The Wrap

Written by Linda Codega (They/Them) at Gizmodo

4. Charles Martinet transitions to Mario Ambassador and steps down from voicing the plumber

Story by Nintendo of America

Written by Ben Travis at EMPIRE

Listen on....




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