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PODCAST: Overdrinkers - Heathers

Mike Burdge sits down with his arch-nemesis, the enigmatic Scotty Arnold, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Heathers, the movie that changed a lot of us by accident one innocent afternoon on TNT. While chatting about the film itself, they also cover the many adaptations and inspirations the film produced, as well as some.... *checks notes*.... "slippery" content that maybe wasn't great for 1988 either. But don't worry, they LOVE the movie!

Listen on....

Overdrinkers Cocktail:


1 1/2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Aperol

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Top with Topo Chico Mineral Water (or any mineral water)

Orange Wedge and Peel (preferably blood orange)

Combine all ingredients except for orange. Stir over rocks and serve in rocks glass. Squeeze orange wedge into drink, essence and garnish with orange peel.




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