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PODCAST: Our 300th Episode - 300 (2006)

It's our 300th episode of Story Screen Presents, y'all!! To celebrate, Robby Anderson, Bernadette Gorman-White and Mike Burdge got together to chat about the film, 300, and Zack Snyder in general, who is a director we very rarely cover on the cast but for whom we all have very interesting (but nice!) opinions on.

We wanna thank all of our listeners, both new and old, for all the fun times we've had for the past five years on this epic run of our lives. We absolutely love getting together to chat about movies and having y'all love it just as much. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support and good times you've given us, and we hope you've dug (and will continue to dig) all our dumb bits, fascinating insights and superbly ridiculous hangs we've had for so long. We love ya, and thanks again.

Let us know what you want out of the next 100 episodes (we're running out of ideas, y'all!) and enjoy our ramblings on one of the most influential (for better or worse) movies of the early 21st century.

As always, listen on....




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