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PODCAST: Hot Takes - Tenet

It's here. Our Tenet episode was finally recorded, edited and is now live. Robby is joined by fellow Nolan-Nutz, Bernadette Gorman-White and Mike Burdge, to discuss the heady-filmmaker's latest foray into cinematic trickery. So, after all these months of waiting, how was this thing?

Listen on....

(The Story Screen Family would like to say that, while we are excited we finally get to talk about this film, we understand that times are still wild and some of our listeners may not be comfortable going to theaters to catch this movie just yet. We'd like to be clear: Our coverage of Tenet is not an endorsement to risk your own safety for going out to a movie. If you do not feel safe in that type of environment, wait. The movie will be available to you soon in some way or another, and this episode will always be here. And, naturally, if you're looking for spoiler-free conversation, the first 20 minutes or so of this episode are completely spoiler-free. Take care, and we luv ya.)




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