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5 Streaming Picks from a Quarantined BaeBae

Well, it's been a weird couple of weeks, huh? I don’t know about you guys, but reality has been quite the shit show recently and personally, I’ve been trying to fill my anxious nights of not sleeping with some good ol’ fashioned escapism. Since you can’t go to your favorite local independent movie theater, the Story Screen family is here to help curate your home theater with some spicy picks to help you turn your brain off, and go somewhere better (or marginally worse). Anyway, I’m super stressed all of the time, and I am done dwelling on it in this intro, so let's talk about cool movies and the cool places to stream them.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Where to stream it: Netflix

I bet you’ve already seen the Spider-Man flick that features the most spider people in it (so far), but why not watch it AGAIN?! Can’t hurt right? Spider-Verse is probably one of the best superhero movies to date, and that’s a big deal because there’s been a lot. Spider-Verse is a colorful, beautifully animated adventure following Miles Morales’ journey to become the next Spider-Man. It’s a story that goes beyond great power and responsibility, and teaches audiences that anyone can be a hero, as long as they are prepared to make a leap of faith.

Hot Rod

Where to Stream it: Amazon Prime/Netflix

Hot Rod is pretty…fucking dumb. Dumb in a good way though! Featuring two thirds of the Lonely Island crew, Hot Rod is so funny, the fifteen year old boy inside of you (regardless of your gender or sexual orientation) will emerge like a phoenix, ready to laugh its ass off. Hot Rod is in the same vein as Zoolander or Anchorman, but it's a tad bit more surreal, breaking any sense of normalcy. The story of a young man who has TWO goals and TWO goals only: pull off the greatest stunts ever and defeat his step father (played by Ian fucking McShane) in hand to hand combat. If you’re looking for a good laugh from 2007, check out Hot Rod (it’s been awhile since I’ve watched it; sorry in advance if there’s any humor that isn’t as socially aware as we all currently strive to be).

Hail Satan?

Where to Stream it: Hulu

Have you ever been curious about the Satanic church? I know I have. Hail Satan? is a documentary following the rise of the Satanic Temple in America, and it’s so good Baphomet would surely be pleased. This documentary strives to clear up some common misconceptions about Satanism - a peaceful religion that challenges social norms and strives to build a community for those who have felt excluded from society for their whole lives. I highly recommend watching this documentary, and please try your best to keep an open mind.

Turbo Kid

Where to Stream it: Amazon Prime

Turbo Kid takes place in a post-apocalyptic world (if the world ended in the 80’s). Turbo Kid is a low budget Sci-fi epic done right. This film piggybacks on our nostalgia, but celebrates it like no other. It feels a bit like an R-rated Power Rangers at times, and I’m here for it. The most charming aspect of the flick is its low budget aesthetic. The film feels like it was assembled from relics of the 80’s. There are toys and doo-dads that even me, a 90’s boy, recognized with glee every time I got to see a generational hand-me-down. Escape our current modern apocalypse with this 80’s centric one.


Where to stream it: Netflix

So, I know this is a tv show, not a movie, but man, is it one hell of an animated series. An adaptation of the video game series of the same name, Castlevania is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the animated television world. It’s like Game of Thrones meets vampires! Some of the best moments of the series are characters just speaking to one another - calm conversations about relationships, the meaning of nihilism and the sad state humanity is in. That being said, there are also some AMAZING action sequences. The show has everything: action, sex, fucking DRACULA! The series is R-rated AF, so don’t watch it with your kids (unless of course they are very cool).

There are three seasons of Castlevania, and if the first episode doesn’t grab you well, then I guess we aren’t friends, but it’s okay, I don’t care, I don’t need friends. I have plenty! Castlevania is a great show to watch and discuss with friends, WHICH I HAVE! And I welcome more friends, but I don’t NEED more! If there’s anything on this list that I really want you to check out, it’s this weird Anime about vampires. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Times are weird right now, and I know things may feel hopeless, especially for those of us whose jobs and lives are currently on hold. It’s okay for us to escape sometimes, especially for a few hours a day, when we’re trapped inside our homes. Stay informed, check the CDC website, look for credible information, take everything the President says with a grain of salt, and for the LOVE OF GOD wash your fucking hands. Things are weird; rumor has it, it’s going to get way weirder before it gets normal again. Let's all be here for each other, and watch some good stuff on the internet.


Robert Anderson

Co-Head of Podcasting

Robert has a degree in Screenwriting and Playwriting and works in multiple genres. He's just your typical man-child who enjoys most things nerd culture. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @RoBaeBae




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