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Ep 149: Cookin' w/ Quentin - True Romance

Here on Cookin' w/ Quentin, Mike Burdge, Jack Kolodziejski and Robby Anderson (as well as the occasional lucky guest) tackle the filmography of Quentin Tarantino, along the way stopping to develop some thematically inspired food for each installment.

This time around it's the 1993 Tony Scott joint, True Romance, based on an early screenplay Tarantino sold in order to finance his debut, Reservoir Dogs. The boys are joined by fellow Elvis lover, Tim Kelly, and proceed to break into the idea of Tarantino's eccentricities through another director's eyes, as well as the nature of good and bad when it comes to some of QT's lesser discussed characters.

Check out our recipe video for the episode based on Gary Oldman's movie stealing scene:

(See full recipe for the True Romance inspired (So Cool) Vegan Egg Rolls, as well as the sauces and vegan lo mein, at our Vimeo page.)

Check out the episode:




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