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Reel Page Turner Announcement

Story Screen's podcasting division, Story Screen Presents, has generated some amazing content since its launch in January, covering new and old movies from all genres through a multi-structural channel that features tons of Story Screen staff and friends. While most of our content so far has focused heavily on film, we've recently made the jump into discussing stories within video games, (Talking Simulator), and even television, (Cathode Ray Cast). Moving forward, we hope to continue building Story Screen Presents as an outlet for our unceasing admiration and appreciation of story through all mediums. You can check out those, and more here.

We are thrilled to announce our newest series, Reel Page Turner, which will act as our own personal take on a traditional book club, while incorporating our never-ending love for film. Every two months, we will announce a book that happens to have a film adaptation (or two) out there. We invite our readers and listeners to read the book and watch the film adaptation, and then join us as we discuss the two on a recorded podcast. We will finish each podcast with the announcement of the next book/film in our series. We encourage you to contact us about book/film recommendations, or even to apply to be a special guest on one of our episodes! We at Story Screen are always up for growing our movie and story loving family.

This brings us to our first book: CARRIE, about a withdrawn teenage girl who begins to discover that she may have supernatural powers in the midst of abuse both at school and at home. This Stephen King masterpiece also happens to be his first novel, and it is regarded as one of his most thrilling tales, leading to the creation of several film adaptations, sequels and mini-series. While the hosts of this episode will touch on all adaptations, we invite you to read the novel and then check out Brian De Palma's 1976 thriller by the same name. The film is exquisitely made and features a performance from Sissy Spacek that launched her career, (as well as a delightfully weird appearance by a then unknown John Travolta!).

Our premiering episode will air on October 1st (spooky!). If you have any interest in being a part of the recording, asking questions for us to answer or generally just wanting to say “What's up?” email us at and we'll be sure to get back to you. We're super psyched to break into the book/film discussion, as it presents a very specific form of criticism on the comparison between artists and medium and more. We hope you'll give us a listen and look forward to you joining us!

-The Story Screen Family



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