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Reservoir Dogs SHH Screening Overview

With our 2nd SHH event happening this weekend, what better time to share with you exactly what the hell goes down at one of these events!

But first a little backstory: over the past two years, Story Screen has worked as a pop-up exhibitor, showing several films at our secret outdoor location in Beacon, including: First Blood, Predator, Legend and even an Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness double-feature, all utilizing local businesses and friends to create our Beacon Backyard BBQ Bash series. Live DJ’s and tasty burgers, as well as kegs donated by local bars and restaurants kept us going all night at these events until the bonfires died down.

We want to build off these successful outdoor occasions and start incorporating local businesses from Beacon with unique spaces, molding them to create different atmospheres. We want to take the film experience off the screen, surrounding everyone in the audience with the movie itself - whether through props, staging, food, drink and a host of other special surprises - throughout the entire evening’s screening. So we created SHH (Something’s Happening Here), the special exhibition arm of Story Screen. Our staff has been working hard to make sure our guests get the very best experience out of each and every SHH event.

The lovely people at Denning’s Point Distillery joined our family, as we turned their once-car-garage-now-liquor-distillery into the warehouse from Reservoir Dogs, complete with bloody aftermath. We created the setting of the film’s location AFTER the events of the film had occurred, showing the warehouse, as it would now be considered a crime scene. Harry’s Hot Sandwiches delivered fast food style burgers and fries for our 50+ audience members, and More Good supplied us with all the delicious craft syrup sodas we could ask for. And of course, delicious brews and cocktails from Denning’s Point never went out of style the whole night, as we projected the Quentin Tarantino classic directly onto the white brick wall of the warehouse. Afterward the film finished, we raffled-off gifts, such as: unique posters designed by local artists just for the event, as well as vinyl records, books, movies and other fun surprises. Everyone walked away happy though, as each and every guest was awarded a Story Screen Playbill, complete with an article written by Story Screen Writer, Robert Anderson (which you can read here), as well as a pair of black sunglasses and a Story Screen keychain made by FabHaus, connected to a black, 3-D printed ear, made especially for us by our friends at Hatch Abstraction. It was a monumental night.

Our next screening will turn Oak Vino Wine Bar into a speakeasy for our presentation of Casablanca. Our guests will be treated to amazing wine, live music, delicious food and treats, as well as gifts and several surprises throughout the night. For more information on that screening, check out Casablanca SHH Event Page. Tickets are going fast!

Included below are some photos taken by our very own Jordan Roque, throughout the night at our Reservoir Dogs screening, where you can see just how crazy cool the evening really was. We hope to catch you at any of our upcoming screenings in and around Beacon, NY in the upcoming months. So to make sure you never miss out on a Story Screen event, sign up for our Newsletter (you can do so at the bottom of this page!)

Thanks again!

-The Story Screen Family




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