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Best of 2021 - It's All Here!

That's right friends, you can check out all of our "Best of" and "Favorite Film" lists of 2021 right here, including our "Best of 2021" Story Screen Presents podcast and video edited by Mike Burdge and Robby Anderson. ENJOY!

VIDEO: Story Screen's Best of 2021

PODCAST: Story Screen's Best of 2021

From Dune to @zola, with plenty more in between, the Story Screen Fam chats about some of their favorite films from the past year. Mainly spoiler-free for all these new movies, so swing on in and give it a listen to see what we were all about in 2021.

Listen on...

Lists - Click the images below to read each full article!

Mike's Top 20 of 2021

By Mike Burdge

Heath’s Top 10 Movies of 2021

By Heath White

Diana's Fave Films of 2021

By Diana DiMuro

Who You Gonna Be Tonight, 2021?

By Scotty Arnold

Tell Me A Story: Bern's Favorites in 2021

By Bernadette Gorman-White

Jeremy’s Fab Favorites of 2021

By Jeremy Kolodziejski

BaeBae's Top 10 of 2021

By Robert Anderson

Damian: My Favorite Films of 2021

By Damian Masterson

Jack's Favorite Movies of 2021

By Jack Kolodziejski

Sophia's Favorite Films of 2021

By Sophia Acquisto




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