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PODCAST: Story Screen Reports - Strike News and Miramax Wins Big

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Story Screen Reports is our team REACTING to the top 5 film, television and entertainment news stories of the month. Join us as we dissect and comb through everything from upcoming releases to studio drama.

On this episode, Mike Burdge joins Robby to chat about more updates on the Writers and Actors Strikes, a Halloween cinematic universe on the horizon, Ridley Scott NOT being a grump for once, and A24 isn't gonna be just for honk-shoo nerdz anymore! You can find those stories, and the sourced articles, linked below. Eat the rich, and Happy Halloween, spooky fam!

1. Hollywood Writers Strike is Over as Union Wins Major Concessions From Studios

Written by Austen Goslin and Oli Welsh at Polygon

2. Actors Strike Sees No End in Sight After Studio Negotiations Go Awry

Written by Andrew Dalton for USA Today

3. Halloween - Miramax Slashes Into The TV Rights to the Franchise

Written by John Squires at Bloody Disgusting

4. Ridley Scott Watched the New ‘Alien’ Movie and Said “It was Fucking Great,” Says Director Fede Alvarez: I was ‘Terrified’ Waiting For His Reaction

Written by Zach Sharf at Variety

5. Report: A24 to Expand, Produce More Commercial Films

Written by Raphael Helfand at The Fader

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