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PODCAST: Story Screen Reports - DC's Ten Year Plan...

Story Screen Reports is our team REACTING to the top 5 film, television and entertainment news stories of the month. Join us as we dissect and comb through everything from upcoming releases to studio drama.

On this episode, Tim Irwin guests to discuss the recent hiring of some new gun(n)s over in the DCEUHQ, as well as a few other stories. You can find those stories, and the sourced articles, linked below.

Written by Matthew Belloni at Puck


2. James Gunn and Petter Safran's 10 Year Plan

Written by Aaron Couch at The Hollywood Reporter

3. Henry Selick Wants More Credit for The Nightmare Before Christmas

Interview by Todd Gilchrist at The AV Club

4. Lionsgate Wants To Make A John Wick Video Game

Written by Brian Welk at Indie Wire

5. Avatar 4 & 5 May Be Cancelled If The Way Of Water Flops

Written by Cameron Frew at Dextero

Listen on....




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