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The Craft: Make Them See

Whispers in the dark, a yearning, a want, we’ve all bargained with the Gods only to be left empty-handed. What if those wants could be manifested, if a power could be harnessed ensuring all desires be brought to fruition? Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle hope for just that when a potential fourth member to their Wiccan circle arrives at school. Sarah comes wielding a dark past and an inherent power that she doesn’t quite understand. Together, they invoke an ancient force allowing them the ability to render wish into reality. Though, lest not forget the most important rule – whatever energy is sent out, good or bad, will return three fold.

Considered a cult classic, The Craft remains as relevant today as it was when it first debuted in 1996. Drenched in cultural trend, this archetypal outsiders story comes with a supernatural twist making it both relatable and captivating to watch. The girls do well in individually representing desires we’ve all craved when they wish for love, beauty, retaliation, and power. As their abilities grow ever stronger, sheer will is realized and reality manipulated. Things quickly turn when the gratification becomes addicting and morality begins to blur. Chaos and death ensue as Nancy loses grip on her sanity having taken on the spirit of an omnipotent entity. While the others may realize the consequences, Sarah seems to be the only member of the circle who grasps the gravity of their actions.

As tensions rise between Nancy and Sarah, the circle is broken and lines are drawn. Tormented and downtrodden, it takes all of Sarah’s remaining strength to fully accept who she is, understanding her full potential and combating those she once considered friends. “By the power of three times three, make them see, make them see,” she chants, bringing to mind the spiritual principle of cause and effect, akin to karma. A twisted coming of age story portrayed in a raw, dark visual form, The Craft acts as a cautionary tale, reminding us to be careful what we wish for.



A Beacon transplant having moved to town two years ago. With a background in photography, literature, and a fondness of nature she does well in keeping busy in this bustling little community.




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